IADEA Conference 2023

15th & 16th February 2023

As schools emerge from the grim restrictions imposed by the pandemic it’s time for art educators to re-evaluate old ways and open up our art rooms to new perspectives. This year our conference has a unique setting. The organizers of the Kochi biennale have kindly agreed to host our conference speaker sessions and workshops at the biennale pavillion and to give our art educators guided tours of the venues. Most importantly our participants will get to experience the artworks with peers from across the country and discuss, reflect and share their expertise.

IADEA Conference 2021

17th November 2021 to 2nd December 2021

Indian Art and Design Educators Association (IADEA) is happy to present the 4th Annual Art Educators Conference, 2021.

IADEA is a non-profit started in 2018 with the goal of providing continuous professional development opportunities for art educators across the country. The Annual Conference, our flagship event was first held at the Piramal Museum of Art, Mumbai and then at the India International Center, Delhi, before it morphed into a virtual conference last year.

IADEA Conference 2020

5th, 6th and 7th November 2020

The Third edition of the IADEA Annual Art Educators Conference, 2020!! In light of the heroic role art educators have played in rising to the challenge of this year’s pandemic, our theme for our 2020 annual conference is ‘Create Joy’. this year kindled excited participation from over 230 art teachers and educators from across the country.

IADEA Conference 2019

3rd and 4th October 2019, New Delhi

The second edition of the IADEA Annual Art Educators Conference kindled excited participation from over 150 art teachers and educators from across the country who explored the theme of ‘Art Integrated Learning’ through workshops and seminars with internationally renowned speakers.

IADEA Conference 2018

15th and 16th February 2018, Mumbai

The first edition of the IADEA Annual Art Educators Conference was a big success with partcipation from over 100 Art Educators and 13 Speakers with Visual  Arts expertise addressing the group over the course of 2 days.

Teach Art With Impact: Art Educators Workshop at The Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience
23rd February 2024, Chennai

A new workshop series designed to enable art educators to re-evaluate old ways and open up the art room to new perspectives.

Teach Art With Impact
07th October 2023, Bengaluru

A new workshop series designed to enable art educators to re-evaluate old ways and open up the art room to new perspectives.

Art Through An Educators Lens
29th April 2022

IADEA in collaboration KNMA and Kriti Sood of LAND conducted an event for Art Educators.

Maps of Disquiet
24th Feb 2022, Virtual

As an exclusive experience, IADEA and Chennai Photo Biennale conducted a virtual guided tour of the Biennales 3rd edition.

State Of Mind : Between Dysphoria and Hope
22th December 2021, Virtual

This virtual gallery tour of State of Mind: Between Dysphoria and Hope by the curator of the exhibition Sayali Mundaye took place virtually on 22nd December 2021.

Iconic Images
19th August 2021 - Session 1
24th August 2021 - Session 2 Virtual

IADEA hosted an interactive workshop in collaboration with Museum of Art and Photography.

Introduction to Expressive Arts Based Therapy
24 June, 2021, Virtual

IADEA conducted an interactive workshop with expressive arts based therapist Pavithra Chari.

Looking at Abstraction
16th March 2021, Virtual

IADEA in collaboration with KNMA presents a virtual walkthrough 'Looking at abstraction for art educators.'

Diversity of Thought and Collaboration in the Art Room
10th January 2020, Coimbatore

This workshop started with an energetic music and dance based warm-up conducted by Blaise Joseph. The warm-up was followed by a short presentation by each of the speakers on their own practice in teaching art and some of the challenges and successes.

Decoding Dreamscapes
6th December 2019, Chennai

Teachers met for an afternoon of exploring fantasy worlds created by various artists, on December 6, 2019 at our workshop conducted in association with Ashvita's, Chennai. From superhero universes to the world of Avatar, imaginary worlds have inspired the best illustrators and occupy a coveted spot in children's imagination.

Exploring Materials in Art
26th April 2019, Mumbai

We collaborated with the Piramal Museum of Art and held a 2-hour Art workshop for teachers, centered around the current exhibition at the Museum - Making Art: Materials & Technology.

Kochi Biennale Art Teachers Workshop
15th and 16th February 2019, Kochi

Curated guided walks through various Kochi Biennale venues, private session with Anita Dube and a lot more happened during the workshop that was organised by IADEA for the Art teachers.

Folk Art in the Classroom
7th December 2018, Chennai

Introducing Folk Art and Critiquing in the Classroom. One day workshop at the Dakshina Chitra Museum, ECR Chennai saw 23 art teachers immersing themselves to new skills.

Voice of Art
30th November – 1st December 2018, Delhi

Bringing science and Art together IADEA conducted a half day workshop for students and Art teachers from 12 schools in Delhi and mentored the teams of students over the next several weeks while they developed their art projects

Abstract Art in the Classroom
24th August 2018, Mumbai

We held a wonderful workshop on introducing Abstract Art in the Classroom, in collaboration with the Piramal Museum of Art.