Teaching Art with Impact

07 OCTOBER, 2023

Teach Art With Impact: Cultural Influences in Art Education is a new series of workshops. This traveling workshop will take place in cities around India in partnership with museums and galleries, the first of which took place in Bengaluru in collaboration with the Museum of Art and Photography (MAP Museum) on 7th October 2023. This new workshop format has been designed to enable art educators to re-evaluate old ways and open up the art room to new perspectives.

MAP kindly agreed to host our workshop in their brand-new exhibition space and gave attending art educators a curated walk-through of their permanent collection. In this workshop our participating art educators discussed how Personal Culture, Spiritual Culture, Artistic Culture and Media Culture influence an artist’s practice.

The morning session began with the teachers identifying 5 artworks from the museums permanent exhibition – Visible/Invisible: Representation of Women in Art. They then discussed the select artworks in comparison to other artworks with the same or similar concepts to question why and how the artists’ cultural experiences make their artwork unique.

The second half of the workshop took a more hands-on approach. Our art educators worked in small groups to take their learnings to the next step by generating ideas for innovative art lessons to take back to the classroom. The session was concluded with an artist talk by a special guest speaker, Devi Seetharam.

In the afternoon, Art Educators attended a guided walk through of MAP Museum where they took their learnings from the morning and apply it to the artworks on display.

Part two of this workshop will take place in December, where the art educators and IADEA /MAP team will meet virtually to discuss their experiences of introducing students to their newly designed lessons.