State Of Mind : Between Dysphoria and Hope

22nd December 2021, Virtual

This virtual gallery tour of State of Mind: Between Dysphoria and Hope by the curator of the exhibition Sayali Mundaye took place virtually on 22nd December 2021.
This group exhibition is centered around the state of feeling uneasy, unwell or unhappy. This exhibition highlights the disconnect from self, society, the physical space that the artists are inhabiting which has gradually become discernible. The artwork is reflective of the individual’s state, especially in chaotic times flitting between disarray and hope. This exhibition encouraged us to look at a part of our condition through art produced by eight Indian artists (Ankit Ravani, Chetnaa, Nidhi Khurana, Pallavi Paul, Pavan Kavitkar, Ratna Gupta, Salik Ansari and Sameer Kulavoor) in times of disorder.
During this workshop, we were also joined by one of the exhibiting artists Salik Ansari. Salik has a practice that revolves around the idea of displacement across the land, water and in the digital. He works across mediums including installation, designed objects, video, drawings, and performance.
This was then followed by a very interesting Q and A session.